So Far (visual biography)

I’m currently a student at London South Bank University, and have just started several interesting projects for the second semester of the second year of this course. Before diving into them though, this page is to reflect on photos that I’ve taken so far and provide insight on what captures my attention. They are in chronological order, starting from 2006 when I was using a Canon Rebel loaded with 35mm black and white Kodak film.

taken in 2006, a home outside Flagstaff, Arizona, Canon SLR, kodak 400asa bw film

These were taken in Boston during the two years I lived in the city, taking workshops at the New England School of Photography, that is, when I wasn’t watching baseball games at Fenway Park.

Boston Aquarium, 2009, Nikon digital SLR 18-55mm lens

Boston Public Library and John Hancock Tower, 2009, Nikon DSLR 18-55mm lens

Harvard University Science Building, 2010, Nikon DSLR 18-55mm lens

At this point, it starts to become clear that I am mostly captured by architecture. When I travel I take photos of buildings, and when I’m home I search for unknown buildings. Here are some of the more abstract architectural photos I’ve taken; in Chicago and at the Olympic Park in London

John Hancock Tower, Chicago 2010, Nikon DLSR 18-55mm lens

Olympic Stadium, 2012 Nikon DSLR

Abstract imagery is something that I would like to explore more during my course, as well as urban development and urban regeneration. I’ll leave you with three images that I feel have a direct connection to urban development. One taken in a derelict building in London, where property prices are notoriously expensive, and one in a small town in Arizona called San Manuel, where the closing of a mine five years ago made this area a modern day ghost town.

Derelict London, 2011, Nikon DSLR, Wide angle lens

Blue Front Inn, San Manuel Arizona, 2011, Nikon DSLR 18-55mm lens

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