Tucson Vernacular

Photographing historic examples of Adobe, and seeing how relevant their architectural elements still are today, have led me towards looking into the modern applications of adobe and how Tucson architects are using it today. Which has led me to look at the Vernacular Architect of Tucson and how architects are building their own homes and structures. By building without client constraints, and using found objects or readily available materials like earth, architects are allowed to build unique examples of vernacular architect. These unique structures are filled with prototypes, and become evolving cannons of the work they wish to apply to commercial ventures or personal projects.

I am now in the first stages of a photographic project that will highlight the work of architects that build their own homes and are so important in the architectural fabric of Tucson, AZ.  Being so far away from the city means that this will be an ongoing project, but will hopefully showcase five to ten local architects and be presented in a fine art book. The page is here: http://jessa.clickgarden.net/?page_id=153

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